How to use the internet to find work

A growing number of people are turning to online talent platforms to build a profile and to find work.

The internet is fast-becoming one of the most important tools for people to find work in the world today. Not only is it key for finding new job opportunities online, but a growing number of people are turning to online talent platforms to build a profile and to find work.

According to Balance careers, alternative workers account for about 10 percent of the United States’ workforce. These are workers who do not hold consistent or permanent employment with a single employer and instead earn income through contract work, temporary jobs, or freelance work – the gig economy.

A large percentage of this workforce find freelance work online, work that can be extremely lucrative. Freelancers are finding that gig work can be a successful career within itself, which is seeing an increasing number of workers move away from their full-time careers in favor of better working hours, more money and a healthy work-life balance.

The digital age

According to Work Smart, a key advantage of finding work online compared to pre-digital times is the amount of legwork it has saved. It allows both businesses and workers the ability to go online at any time of the day or night, using any device to seek work or to find the best person for the job.

The internet gives people quick access to a huge amount of information, including about the job, where to find it and how to connect those involved. This information saves time by making it clear whether this is the right kind of job, or the person an organization is looking for.

Employers use the internet in many ways to make sure they find the right person for the job. They run aptitude tests and psychometric exams online to help assess a candidate’s competence and fitness for the job. The worker can also use the internet to find out all they need about a position or about the company they could eventually end up working for.

The internet is invaluable

The internet is proving a valuable tool for businesses and HR managers to find and recruit new talent. Not only can the worker make direct contact by sending through their CV, but online talent platforms are proving successful in connecting businesses with workers worldwide.

According to Chron, using the internet for recruiting can lead to huge budget savings for the human resources department. There is no need to hire extra personnel to accept CVs, meet and greet the applicants, proctor employment pre-tests, and answer questions. There will also be fewer expenditures on printing and copying, since submissions will be online.

The internet also makes it possible to access a larger talent pool, as candidates can be online from anywhere in the world. This opens up the company’s options when it comes to finding the right talent for a specific position.

Searching for work online

According to Pew research, digital resources are now more important than ever to Americans’ ability to research and apply for jobs. A majority of Americans (54%) have gone online to look for information about a job, and nearly as many (45%) have applied for a job online. The proportion of Americans who research jobs online has doubled in the last 10 years. In a Pew Research Center survey conducted in early 2005, 26% of Americans had used the internet to look for job information – a trend which is evident right around the world.

Young adults are the demographic group most likely to engage in online job seeking behaviors. Roughly eight-in-ten Americans ages 18 to 29 have researched (83%) as well as applied for a job (79%) online. However, a substantial majority of those ages 30 to 49 (and a sizeable minority of those ages 50 to 64) have engaged in these behaviors as well.

The gig economy

An expanding gig economy has opened up new doors for those seeking freelance work opportunities. Not only have freelancers been able to forge successful careers by utilising their own unique skillsets, but more and more full-time workers are taking advantage of their knowledge-base to build lucrative consultancy positions as well.

With the advent of online talent platforms making it easier for freelance experts to find jobs, the number of workers jumping onto the gig economy bandwagon grows daily.

Online talent platforms

Online talent platforms – like Alifery – are helping companies tap into a respected knowledge-based economy all over the world. Not only do they supply businesses with highly-skilled and talented experts, but are helping to support economic growth and improve work outcomes for millions of people.

In the same way Airbnb connects travellers with the best places to stay and Uber hooks riders up with drivers, online freelancing platforms connect businesses with talent – either with office-based or remote workers.

One of the leading online platforms to find experts in the legal, finance and consultancy sectors is Australian-based freelancing website Alifery Freelance Experts. The Alifery ecosystem provides access to skilled and vetted talent, tailors work to meet business needs and reduces overheads for businesses.

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