The unprecedented success of online talent platforms

Online talent platforms – like Alifery – are bringing together businesses and freelancers right around the world.

The gig economy is changing the way people work, connect and do business. Online talent platforms are pivotal to the success of this economy by connecting businesses and workers right around the world.

Finding the right talent is crucial to any company’s success. But businesses everywhere are struggling to find the right candidates, get the best performance out of their workers, and develop the leadership they need to meet their goals – that’s where online talent platforms come in.

The future of hiring

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, online talent platforms are the future of hiring. Career-related websites will play an ever-growing role in helping people find the right jobs faster, while digital technology will let entities such as Uber and Alifery create part-time or full-time job pathways that didn’t exist before.

McKinsey predicts that during the next decade online talent platforms “can improve job outcomes for 540 million people by creating better, faster matches between workers and jobs, reducing the duration of unemployment, creating flexible part-time opportunities that draw more of the inactive population into the workforce, and improving productivity by putting the right person into the right role.”

McKinsey also calculated that online talent platforms could add US$2.7 trillion to global economic output by 2025. McKinsey partner Susan Lund acknowledges that lots of factors are putting strains on world labour markets, but contends that online talent platforms “can ease some of the dysfunctions.”

With this new-found online technology, an estimated 230 million people could shorten search times between jobs, while 200 million who aren’t working full-time could work additional hours through freelance platforms. What’s more, the study found that another 60 million people could find jobs that better suit their skills or preferences, and others who use the platforms solely for full-time work could build successful careers.

McKinsey concludes that the gig economy will change for the better if people adjust to a new way of thinking about work. They stated that the days of joining an employer, rising through the ranks, and staying for decades are over. Workers in many fields are becoming free agents, leaving them better or worse off but still providing a healthy living. Although this may create more uncertainty and more frequent transitions, it can bring greater access to opportunity than ever before.

The key to success

According to Hoops, online talent platforms are key to the success of the expert economy. Freelancing websites are transforming hiring by helping to quickly connect jobseekers with opportunities that match their needs. Companies are realising that human capital can produce significant returns on investment, therefore are fine tuning their internal practices to account for this new shift in direction.

Freelancers are embracing the expert economy in large numbers, seeing it as a path to greater autonomy and more flexible and meaningful work. Online freelancing platforms increase access to new, highly-skilled workers who are difficult to source through traditional labour markets.

Connecting businesses with talent

According to Forbes and the World Economic Forum, over 50% of the US workforce will be freelance by 2027. As that number draws closer, more and more recruiters in the law, media, finance, tech and consultancy fields are opening up their businesses to online talent platforms.

Online talent platforms are connecting businesses with freelancers right around the world. REC highlights that a growing number of businesses use freelancers to make their organisations better. Hiring managers are enhancing the skills and expertise of their workforce by engaging freelancers for both short and long-term projects.

Online freelancing platforms are important to businesses everywhere, they take on all the stress and hassle so the business doesn’t have to. Forbes points out that gig workers are responsible for all elements of running a business. Administrative headaches take time away from what actually generates revenue and could prove damaging to a business if they don’t get it right. That’s why online talent platforms are proving invaluable to not only the business, but for the freelancer as well.

Australia’s leading online talent platform

Online talent platforms – like Alifery – are helping organisations around the world tap into a pool of talented and highly-skilled workers. Freelancing websites ensure that businesses not only secure the best talent at the right rate, but take the headache out of the recruiting process for the freelancer at the same time.

In the same way Airbnb connects travellers with the best places to stay and Uber links riders up with drivers, online freelancing platforms connect businesses with talent – either with office-based or remote workers.

One of the leading online talent platforms to find experts in the legal, finance and consultancy sectors is Australian-based freelancing website Alifery Freelance Experts. The Alifery ecosystem provides access to skilled and vetted talent, tailors work to meet business needs and reduces overheads for businesses.

Alifery uses technology to bring people together to find the answers to problems of almost any size. They connect businesses to Australia’s largest pool of intelligence who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but share a dedication to excellence. Their online platform manages all stages of the client/freelancer relationship so insight can be shared quickly and effortlessly.

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