Protect Your Business Against Cybercrime | EJ Wise

Regardless of the size of your business you are responsible for the private information provided to you by your clients.

How can you ensure you’re protecting yourself and the people you serve?

Alifery Freelance Expert EJ Wise shares the top three trends in cybercrime, the risks, how to recognise a breach, and what three changes you can make right now. EJ is an accomplished Cyber Legal Professional with proven success in legal advice & risk assessment with a cyber focus who shares her knowledge and expertise without the cyber jargon.

EJ is the principal at WiseLaw, a specialist cyber law firm focused on promoting cyber security education among their clientele and advancing responsible cyber security practices across Australia.

Connect with EJ Wise here. An Alifery Freelance Expert is your key to business success. To find a specialist in your industry, sign up to Alifery Freelance Experts here.

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