How online talent platforms can support economic growth and improve work outcomes for millions

Taking advantage of an online freelancing platform ensures that businesses not only secure the best talent at the right rate, but takes the headache out of the recruiting process for the freelancer at the same time.

As a growing gig economy expands the freelance workforce, companies all around the world are taking a fresh look at how they do business. Not only are companies hiring workers through the traditional recruitment model, but most leading organisations are now hiring freelance experts on short or long-term contracts.

Without doubt the most important element to consider when hiring a freelancer today is being sure of their talent and expertise. Ensuring they have the skills you need (or that they claim to have), or whether they can deliver what’s needed to produce top quality work is key to business success.

According to BCG, most new freelancers are now embracing the expert economy as a path to greater autonomy and more flexible and meaningful work. Their findings highlight that gig platforms increase access to new, high-tech skills and sorely needed workers of many types who are difficult to source through traditional labour markets.

Online freelancing platforms – like Alifery – are helping companies tap into a respected knowledge-based economy all around the world. Not only do they supply businesses with highly-skilled and talented experts, but are helping to support economic growth and improve work outcomes for millions of people on a daily basis.

Online freelancing platforms

In the same way Airbnb connects travellers with the best places to stay and Uber hooks riders up with drivers, online freelancing platforms connect businesses with talent – either with office-based or remote workers. Offering a wide range of highly-skilled and vetted talent, online freelancing platforms allow freelancers and clients to connect from anywhere in the world.

According to the World Economic Forum, over 50% of the US workforce will be freelance by 2027 and the number of freelance experts is growing each day. And as that number increases globally, recruiters in the law, media, finance, tech and consultancy fields are opening up their businesses to online talent platforms.

Taking advantage of an online freelancing platform – like Alifery – ensures that businesses not only secure the best talent at the right rate, but takes the headache out of the recruiting process for the freelancer at the same time.

Advantages for businesses when using online freelancing platforms

REC states that more and more businesses are using freelancers to make their organisations better, which is fuelling a healthy knowledge-based economy. Recruiters and hiring managers are enhancing the skills and expertise of their workforce by engaging freelancers for both short and long-term projects. Online talent platforms are proving an extremely useful resource for businesses to find the best talent worldwide.

One of the leading online platforms to find experts in the legal, finance and consultancy sectors is Australian-based freelancing website Alifery Freelance Experts. The Alifery ecosystem provides access to skilled and vetted talent, tailors work to meet business needs and reduces overheads for businesses.

Alifery uses technology to bring people together to find the answers to problems of almost any size. They connect businesses to Australia’s largest pool of intelligence who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but share a dedication to excellence. Their online platform manages all stages of the client/freelancer relationship so insight can be shared quickly and effortlessly.

Advantages for freelancers when using online freelancing platforms

The most important part of being a successful freelancer is online presence. Setting up a profile on a leading freelancing platform is proving key to freelance success right around the globe.

Not only is it important for freelancers to showcase their expertise and to forge their own business identity, but fundamental to building a reputation within their given field. One of the greatest challenges faced by freelancers is the amount of competition within their marketplace, and how they can stand out to secure new clients and to be at the top of their game.

As the gig economy grows and organisations search for the best experts in any given field, it’s important to be educated and in-the-know. That way freelancers can command the highest rates, help fuel the freelance economy and find a sense of identity that builds respect within their field.

Fuelling the economy

Online freelancing platforms have become key players in shaping the freelance ecosystem and have proved almost instrumental in fuelling a thriving expert economy at the same time.

A study by New Scientist found that the market is becoming increasingly more competitive as the gig economy grows. Not only does this mean that freelancers must fine tune their expertise and be the best in their industry to succeed, but it also means it’s harder for businesses to sift through a large talent pool to find the best workers. That’s why it makes sense to allow online freelancing platforms – like Alifery – find the best, highly-skilled and vetted talent within any given industry.

Freelancers may charge a higher daily rate than staff members, but keep in mind that businesses save between 20 to 30 percent on all other costs associated with hiring them. There are huge benefits to businesses taking advantage of freelancers – lower costs, limiting payroll, global reach, quality of workers, access and risk reduction.

Find out more about online freelancing platforms and Alifery here.

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