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It only takes a few simple steps to join Alifery and become a part of the expert economy.

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1. Sign up for free & create your profile

Apply here to become a client with Alifery and gain access to our elite pool of freelance experts.

2. Post a Project to Instantly Receive Matches

Post your project outlining the work to be completed, project duration, budget and any other relevant information you believe will attract the right freelance expert.

Alifery’s team work behind the scenes using leading technology to carefully match your project brief with freelance experts with the right credentials.

3. Receive, review & agree terms

Freelance experts will send you proposals for your review. You’ll be able to view their experience, feedback and ratings from other Alifery clients.

Once you’ve selected your freelance expert you must agree to the key terms of engagement. If required, the freelance expert will send you a cost agreement before they commence work.

Once the key terms are agreed, your freelance expert can commence work on your project.

4. Pay

All payments to freelance experts are made via Alifery. At each agreed project stage, the freelance expert will create an invoice through Alifery for your payment.

5. Review the freelance expert

At the end of the project you’ll have the opportunity to review and rate your experience of working with your freelance expert, and they’ll also be given the opportunity to provide you with feedback.



1. Sign up for free

It costs you nothing to set up your Alifery profile and gain access to unparalleled freelancing opportunities in Australia. Sign up here.

2. Upload your documents for approval

Once in the Alifery system you’ll create your profile and we’ll request the relevant documents to verify your professional claims. Once you’ve uploaded your documents, we can then perform the requisite checks to ensure you have the experience and qualifications to join our elite freelance expert community.

We speak with all freelance experts before the approval stage, so please allow 72 hours for us to review your application and contact you.

3. Get notified of new projects

As soon as your application has been approved the Alifery team begin their work in the background to carefully match you with projects best suited to your specialist experience and knowledge.

4. Submit a proposal

You choose from either the projects we’ve matched you with, or matches you’ve manually searched for to then submit a proposal. Once you’ve made a submission, the client will be automatically notified, however, you’re welcome to reach out independently via the Alifery platform.

5. Finalise Terms

You and your client will agree on key terms and might be required to send your client your cost agreement outlining the scope of work to be completed.

We understand things might change, and if this occurs, please make sure to communicate changes to your client.

6. Raise invoices

Generate your invoice in Alifery, which will be sent immediately to the client for payment. Take comfort in knowing Alifery facilitates payments and follows up outstanding invoices on your behalf.

7. Review the project

At the conclusion of each project you’ll have the opportunity to review and rate your experience of working with your client. This is also the time when the client will be given the opportunity to provide you with feedback.

See? It’s simple

Any questions? Check out our FAQs or contact us for more information.

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