Getting started on Alifery Freelance Experts as a Client

Since the creation of the expert economy a few decades ago, almost half of the US total population are gig workers in one way or another and we believe there will be more people across the globe joining the expert economy in the next few years, which means that you will be able to benefit from accessing a more talented pool of experts on demand.

That aside, engaging with expert platforms does require a serious background check on the platform you wish to join and regardless if your joining as a client or an expert, finding the perfect platform will significantly contribute to your success and your reputation. At Alifery, all freelancers are expert professionals in their specific fields ranging from private business owners to lawyers and top executives and have been vetted by us to ensure our clients are being connected with industry leaders. In fact, we only approve an average of thirty five percent of experts who are wanting to join Alifery.

So, how do you get started as a client on Alifery?

We have outlined below the steps you need to follow to get registered and to find the experts you need.

Step 1: Sign up for free and create your company profile.

The first step to becoming a client on our platform is to complete the registration process which doesn’t require too much information. All that is needed is your name, your email address, phone number and a strong password. If you have a LinkedIn account, click the LinkedIn icon on the far left to simplify the registration process.

After registration, you will be asked to complete a company profile which will assist you in attracting the right expert to your project. Completing your company profile should not take you any longer than 3-5 minutes, however, if you need to get a project posted straight away you can always skip this section and come back to it at a later stage.

Step 2: Post your project and look out for instant matches

Posting your first project on Alifery is easy.  Firstly, select the type of appointment you need to engage one of our freelance experts on – we offer a variety of appointments ranging from 1-hour phone calls to in person meetings, mentoring and short-term to long-term placements.

Secondly, outline in as much detail as possible what your project is about and what you need help with as this will allow our technology to connect you to the right expert. Plus, it also helps the experts we connect you with to understand your project needs in further detail.

If your project is private and confidential, we do have the option for you to post a ‘private and invite’ only project, which means that experts registered on the platform will not see your project or company details until you invite them to it.

Step 3: Review Proposals

Soon after your project is posted you will receive proposals from experts that are interested, available and have the skills to complete your project. Make sure you review the proposals, the experience the expert has and the reviews that have been left by other clients in detail.

If you want to discuss the project and the expert’s capabilities in more detail before engaging someone you can do so by the chat section on the site.

Step 4: Agree Terms

Once you settle on the perfect freelance expert, you can now agree on the key terms of engagement. If required our experts will send through a cost agreement or engagement letter before commencing as it ensures all issues are ironed out before time is spent on a project. Once all terms are agreed, the freelance expert assigned will commence work on your project.

It is important to note that if your project has sensitive information, our experts are open to signing any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements you need in order to protect your business.

 Step 5: Invoicing, Payment and Reviews

Invoicing and payment is done through the Alifery platform and we encourage our clients and experts to conduct all business through our platform to keep track of work history and communication if required at a later stage.

Once a project has been completed you can post feedback about the expert. This acts as a recommendation for other clients in need of the same expertise, as well as helping us in maintaining quality control over experts and to address any concerns you might have.

Experts can leave you feedback as well once a project has been completed.

Alifery not only offers clients a chance to meet perfect freelance experts, but also offers them an opportunity to have a competitive edge over their competition. Joining our platform means you will connect with some of the best experts that you will never find on Google or through a LinkedIn search.

As more and more people join the expert economy, finding solutions to your business problems and questions just got easier with Alifery, as it allows you to connect with industry leaders who may be living on the other side of the world.

Find out more about Alifery here or register an account here to gain access to short term projects or freelance experts.

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