Getting started on Alifery as a Freelance Expert

There are many reasons why you should embrace the chance of flourishing as a freelance expert. As a result of the gig economy, experts have an opportunity to generate and manage new clients, exercise their freedom and flexibility and impart their knowledge onto others. In 2016, the freelancing economy managed to generate over a trillion dollars, and research indicates that freelancing is moving into the mainstream marketplace with almost half of America’s workforce to be taking part in the freelance economy by 2020.

Why Us?

Our goal is to create an ecosystem that connects trusted and proven experts with businesses from all over the world. Most online talent platforms will allow anyone to join their ecosystem, however, the experts registered with us are carefully vetted to ensure they meet our client’s needs and have the expertise to support them. Businesses come to us because they want to engage with an expert who can answer their questions or help with a specific project, so the process of registering with us is a little stricter than joining other platforms.

With us, you have freedom and flexibility.

You have the freedom and flexibility to choose the clients and projects you wish to engage with, on what terms and where you work from.

You might be engaged for a private phone call to assist a client in coming up to speed on a particular topic or to fill in knowledge gaps, the client might need to engage you on an ongoing regular basis to ensure they are making the right decisions or you might be engaged for a longer-term assignment such as a board placement.

Signing up is free!

Signing up on our platform as an expert is free and you can register an account here. Once logged in you will need to provide either a CV or details to your website or LinkedIn profile which outlines your experience in detail. You may also wish to provide links to articles or whitepapers you have written, links to YouTube videos you have created, access to recommendations from clients and colleagues.

Get Verified

Once you have uploaded the relevant information, we will then organise a time to speak with you to get a better understanding of your expertise and the types of projects and clients you are interested in engaging with.

We will also complete a review of the information you have provided us, as well as contacting your referees if required. Once we have verified your experience, we will then decide as to whether we approve your account.  It is important to note, that we will not approve an account if you are a generalist in nature and will only approve accounts if you have specialised skills that you can provide to a client.

Creating a profile

All freelance experts on our platform are required to create a profile describing their skill set, strengths, previous projects they have worked on and access to articles and whitepapers they have written.

Be clear and concise when creating your profile and include as much information as possible to allow clients to decide whether they engage you for their project. You might wish to read our four ways of establishing yourself as a freelance expert and six tips for standing out in the freelance market.

Remember to include a photo, preferably one where you are smiling to give your profile an alluring effect.

Finding projects and clients

Once your profile is complete, our team of matchmakers will pair you with clients who are looking for your skillset and expertise. Once you find a client that appeases you, you will be required to submit a proposal via the Alifery platform – make sure you read our tips on submitting a winning proposal.

Clients may wish to speak with you first before engaging you for their project, or they may engage you straight away if they are happy with your profile and expertise.

The above steps will help you get registered with us as a freelance expert.  We also advise all experts on our platform to always expand their knowledge and to make themselves dominant in their respective areas of expertise. The more in-depth your knowledge, the easier it will be for you to secure projects and win new clients.

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