The Future of the Legal Profession: Lawyers are joining the gig economy. And here’s why.

The traditional career paths of being a lawyer is changing and technology is certainly taking over the process driven work, but what we sometimes forget is that technology will never be able to take over the hardest to access resource in the world – the knowledge and expertise that lives within a human mind.

We no longer live in a typical 9am to 5pm world, and therefore businesses need broader options of getting things done and getting access to experts fast to sustain that competitive edge.

Freelancing by choice.

People often think that Lawyers are freelancing because it is a holding pattern until they find their next full time job.

What they don’t realise is that these Lawyers are making a choice to join the freelance economy. Why?

Well, having spoken to thousands of lawyers within the legal profession the reasons are many, but we have found these to be the top reasons why:

  • They want to add more value to their clients by offering them top tier legal advice at excellent value pricing, as they don’t carry the overheads as the traditional law firms do.
  • They are parents wanting to work flexibly, so they can look after their children, but still gain professional satisfaction by taking on quality legal projects.
  • They want the luxury to travel.
  • They have retired and want to share their legal knowledge and experience with the world and add value.
  • They have other outside passions or professional interests they are pursuing along with practising as a freelance lawyer.

Online talent platforms, such as Alifery, is making it easier to connect legal experts with businesses and law firms, as and when the legal need arises for their services.

Adding resources through agile workforces, like Alifery, and gaining access to these legal experts when needed, is also giving businesses and law firms the flexibility to scale up and scale down, and respond with speed and win in the 21st Century.

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