Alifery provides businesses with access to specialists that can offer commercial and legal advice in relation to franchising. They are experts in their field, having gained experience with establishing franchise businesses,
purchasing and selling franchise businesses, preparing contracts and listing on the ASX.
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Knowledge Base

An expert franchise lawyer can help you with a broad range of matters when it comes to franchising a business, buying a franchise and selling a franchise including:

  • drafting and negotiating the master franchise agreement
  • advising on compliance and obligations under the Franchising Code of Conduct
  • providing advice on business structures
  • reviewing and advising on franchise agreements, disclosure documents, the Franchising Code of Conduct, operation
    manuals and policies and procedures.
  • assisting with the due diligence and negotiation process with the Franchisor
  • assisting and negotiating the sale of business with the franchisor and other parties