Corporate Governance & Mitigating Business Risks | Marianne Rose

‘I think the face of work is changing and I love providing made to measure solutions for clients.’

In this changing risk landscape, Alifery Freelance Expert Marianne Rose can assist your company in mitigating those risks.

Watch to learn why Marianne has chosen to freelance, what value she can add to a company, what steps can be taken to mitigate risk and how she can help you with your corporate governance. Marianne is adept at recognizing and evaluating business opportunities and enhancing performance and customer outcomes through innovation and effective management.

Marianne is the director of Ethica Legal Counsel, which offers high integrity legal services to companies who are passionate about building their businesses in a meaningful.

To connect with Marianne please do so here. An Alifery Freelance Expert is your key to business success. To find a specialist in your industry, sign up to Alifery Freelance Experts here.

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