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The most valuable freelancer soft skills you can learn

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on and many of us are isolated from the wider world, if possible, you should consider sharpening up your soft skills. In the digital age, the professional landscape is ever-evolving. As such, the hard skills that are relevant today could become obsolete tomorrow—meaning that as a freelance expert, upskilling your […]

Essential tips for freelancers during Covid-19

Covid-19 has weaved its way deep into the veins of society the world over, forcing us all into a state of isolation while stopping businesses in their tracks. We are living in uncertain times but the hyper-connected nature of the digital age has empowered businesses and professionals to adapt to their new situations while maintaining […]

The expert economy is thriving and for organisations looking to propel their business to new commercial heights, freelance talent has never been more plentiful or accessible. The use of talent platforms has grown by more than 30% in emerging economies. Moreover, 40% of businesses across sectors expect that gig workers will become an integral part […]

How to use the internet to find work

A growing number of people are turning to online talent platforms to build a profile and to find work. The internet is fast-becoming one of the most important tools for people to find work in the world today. Not only is it key for finding new job opportunities online, but a growing number of people […]

The Expert Economy in Action

The expert economy is still in its infancy—but it’s growing rapidly. At present, around 1.5 million freelance experts are connected through the expert economy, trading in niche knowledge and wisdom. And, the demand is increasing. The likes of the gig economy and sharing economy foster wisdom and boost progression in a number of industries and […]

How to build a freelancer-friendly business culture

As the expert economy continues to flourish and more contract-based specialists enter the arena, it’s the businesses that embrace a freelance culture within their organization that will truly thrive. Studies show that freelancers now represent 35% of the US workforce and 16% of the European Union workforce, with growing numbers present in the Southern Hemisphere. […]

The unprecedented success of online talent platforms

Online talent platforms – like Alifery – are bringing together businesses and freelancers right around the world. The gig economy is changing the way people work, connect and do business. Online talent platforms are pivotal to the success of this economy by connecting businesses and workers right around the world. Finding the right talent is […]

How to choose the perfect freelance expert for your project

The knowledge-based economy is here—and in many ways, it’s the future. As more individuals with niche skill sets hang up their nine to five boosts in pursuit of more fulfilling, more flexible careers, forward-thinking businesses have a wealth of talent at their disposal.  Knowledge-based freelance experts will help you fill in skills gaps within your […]

What’s next for the gig economy?

The future is bright, the future is freelance. As the gig economy expands and the number of freelance experts increases, companies all around the world are taking advantage of a flexible work environment which suits all concerned. According to Forbes, freelancers are pursuing work in all industries and will become the dominant force within the […]