Case Study: HR & Employment Freelance Expert Engaged for an EBA Audit Review

Our client (an ASX listed company) wanted assistance with reviewing and completing an audit on their existing EBA contracts. They needed a freelancer who could work onsite and be available to start immediately, as by the time our client approached Alifery they’d already spent many months looking for the right legal expert.

How Alifery Helped

We introduced our client to an expert legal freelancer in the HR and employment law space, who not only had extensive experience in EBA reviews, but had previously worked at other leading ASX companies.

Naturally, the expert legal freelancer was capable of assisting our client with their current project. In addition, the expert added value to the company’s HR and recruitment strategies by ensuring they were compliant with new government regulations, as well as managing current and further risks.

In the end the client extended the expert lawyer’s 6 month contract for an additional 4 months.

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