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What makes up the DNA of a successful freelance expert engagement

A remote workforce can be a huge asset to any team if they are successfully integrated into the business at the onset. With the increased need for freelance experts right around the globe, the gig economy has never been so powerful. This thriving knowledge-based economy is not only taking the business world by storm, but […]

Case Study: HR & Employment Freelance Expert Engaged for an EBA Audit Review

Our client (an ASX listed company) wanted assistance with reviewing and completing an audit on their existing EBA contracts. They needed a freelancer who could work onsite and be available to start immediately, as by the time our client approached Alifery they’d already spent many months looking for the right legal expert. How Alifery Helped […]

The beginning of wisdom through the sharing economy

From business to government, leaders need to be more willing to reach outside their organisations for more real-world knowledge and different perspectives. Modern technology has taken us into an information age, an age where virtually any material can be found at the touch of a button. The internet might be a useful tool to find […]

Case Study: Client Engaged Expert Freelance Lawyer to Defend against an Insurance Claim.

Our client needed an expert legal freelancer to defend against a public liability insurance claim they were facing. How Alifery Helped Shortly after the client signed up to Alifery we were able to supply several strong candidates who met the client’s criteria. After review of the candidates, the client retained one. This particular freelance lawyer […]

How small businesses are getting savvy with freelance legal advice

A study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40 per cent of American workers will be independent contractors and according to PayPal, 70 per cent of Australian businesses now use freelancers, and we can see this trend has well and truly impacted on the provision of legal advice, with interesting ramifications. Continue reading here.

How Lawyers Can Stay Relevant in the Automated World

Robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to significantly impact the legal profession, and professionals will need to adapt to and embrace these new technologies to future-proof their careers. A Deloitte study states 100,000 legal roles would be automated by 2036 and a recent Forbes article went on to outline […]