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How can companies ensure cohesion amongst staff with geographically scattered workers?

The key to successfully implementing a remote workforce is to offer the structure and resources necessary to keep remote employees connected. The gig economy is growing at a phenomenal rate and the remote workforce within that has increased tenfold over the past fifteen years. Remote workers today make up a large percentage of the global […]

How to utilise online talent platforms to become a successful freelance consultant

Supplement a full-time job with consulting to earn more money and improve your reputation at the same time. An expanding gig economy has opened up new doors for those seeking freelance work opportunities. Not only have freelancers been able to forge successful careers by utilising their own unique skillsets, but more and more full-time workers […]

Why the expert economy (gig economy) will benefit small to medium-sized enterprises

For SMEs who have traditionally lacked the resources to recruit and retain the best talent, the increased access to on-demand workers is of particular benefit. The gig economy is seeing an unprecedented number of workers turning their backs on the average 9 to 5 job in favour of freelance and remote work positions. The workforce […]

Why a knowledge-based economy is the way of the future

Companies worldwide have already realised that knowledge is the way forward and are tapping into this growing trend. There is no doubt that a knowledge-based economy is the way of the future. Companies worldwide have already realised that knowledge is the way forward and are tapping into this growing trend. The United States, Australia, the […]

How much training and induction should you offer a freelance expert?

In our rapidly evolving digital age, to remain relevant, the ability to adapt to constant change is essential. Without a doubt, the most effective means of fostering a workforce that is as versatile as it is dynamic is by embracing the power of the expert economy. Size or sector aside, utilising freelance experts for your […]

How freelancers can overcome the challenges faced in a growing gig economy

As the number of freelance experts increases right around the world, it’s important to ensure that the gig economy learns, grows and develops with it. The gig economy is expanding fast and with that comes a growing number of challenges. Both employers and those searching for an alternative work life are coming up against hurdles […]

Case Study: HR & Employment Freelance Expert Engaged for an EBA Audit Review

Our client (an ASX listed company) wanted assistance with reviewing and completing an audit on their existing EBA contracts. They needed a freelancer who could work onsite and be available to start immediately, as by the time our client approached Alifery they’d already spent many months looking for the right legal expert. How Alifery Helped […]

How to ensure freelance experts are well versed in company vision, values and procedures

Before appointing any freelance expert it’s extremely important to make sure they understand the company vision and ethos. Incorporating freelance experts into any workforce can throw up unforeseen challenges that require innovative solutions. Ensuring the freelancer is well versed in the company vision, values and procedures is not only important for integrating them into the […]

Case Study: Client Engaged Expert Freelance Lawyer to Defend against an Insurance Claim.

Our client needed an expert legal freelancer to defend against a public liability insurance claim they were facing. How Alifery Helped Shortly after the client signed up to Alifery we were able to supply several strong candidates who met the client’s criteria. After review of the candidates, the client retained one. This particular freelance lawyer […]