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Alifery connects verified business experts with businesses that need help solving specific problems, to deliver professional relationships that thrive on specialist expertise. Solve a business problem, find a mentor or tap into a highly specialised skillset today. Register now!

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How It Works

Our platform is designed to connect businesses and world leading experts quickly and effortlessly. As Alifery manages all stages of each relationship, the process is simple. Clients bring their projects and our freelance experts deliver insight using their specialist knowledge and experience.


Verified clients submit project briefs.

Alifery automatically matches experts with projects that suit their unique experience and specialist skillsets.

Experts submit project proposals.


Clients reach out to experts to discuss key terms, goals and project specifics.

Experts negotiate terms to reach an outcome that works for everyone.
When everyone is happy, the project is confirmed and kicks off.


One-to-one conversations, video calls, site visits—how you collaborate to solve the business problem is up to you.

Once a project is complete, Alifery manages payment to keep things safe, secure and fuss-free.


Both clients and experts review the project.

Enjoyed working together? Alifery lets you keep in touch with your new connections, building a valuable, trusted professional network that thrives on expertise.

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